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Fáilte Air-Ais!

Fíor mhath toiseach air-ais gu Sgoil-Áraich bliadhna 2022, na clann air fad a’shuidheachadh a-steach gu math toilichte.

Seachdain seo tha sinn air a bhith a chluinntinn bho na clann mu dheidhinn na saor-lathaichean agaibh uile.

Cuideach tha sinn air a bhith a bruidhinn mu dheidhinn faireachdainns agus thoir cuimhne air a Gháidhlig is óran againn.

A-nis tha sinn ag iarriadh a cleachadh dóras eile airson clarádh sa mhadainn leis na párantan.

Welcome Back!

Great start back to Sgoil-Áraich 2022, everyone has settled back into the routines really well and has really impressed us with what they can remember. We are now using the side door as our main entrance for registration and collection, this also provides more opportunity for parents to come into the nursery and see what we have been working on.

This week we have loved hearing about your holidays and what you all got up to. As a class we have been discussing feelings again and why we might feel a certain way. Next week we will resume outside learning, please remember to bring suitable outdoor shoes to use and warm clothing, we can provide waterproofs.


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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