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A Feuchainn Biadh

Chaidh sinn air coiseachd a lorg biadh a tha a fás mun chuirt sinn. Lorg sinn dromanan, smeuran-dubha, caoran, balgan-giùranach, agus chnóthan.

Bruidhinn sinn mu dhein feuchainn blasan úr agus rinn sinn ‘blas feuch’

Cuidich sinn leis a fás biadh againn fhein.

Trying Foods!

We went for a walk to the woods to find out if there was any food inside. Together we seen elderberries, brambles, rowanberries, mushrooms and nuts. In the class, we got to have a ‘Taste Test’ trying something spicy, sweet, salty and sour. The Sgoil-Áraich had a great time with the Gáidhlig class listening to Mgt.Kelly’s storaidh sa choile and building their own Blob monster.

We want to have a go at growing some food in the class soif you have used clean plastic bottles please bring them infor us.


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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