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Seachdainn mu dheireadh!

Tha sinn fhathast ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn “sùilean”. Chaidh sinn dhan a’ choille agus lorg sinn Spot Beag agus Spot Mòr! Bha sinn a’ cluich speuclairich ciudeachd agus dh’ionnsaich sinn faclan ùr bhon dealbh. Rinn sinn fhèin fossils de dìneasaran agus chleachd sinn diofar rudan airson iad a lorg. Mu dheireadh, bha Clas Mgr Kelly a-staigh còmhla agus chaidh sinn uile dhan a’choille cuideachd!, tòrr spòrs!

Tha sinn an dòchas gum bidh saor-làithean math agaibh 😊

Our Last Week!

We are still learning about “eyes”. We went to the woods and found Small Spot and Big Spot! This was to focus on learning the Gaelic vocabulary for small and big. We were also playing in the opticians and learned more new words when describing the pictures for our pretend eye test. We made our own dinosaur fossils and we used different materials to find them in the sand. Finally, Mr Kelly’s class came to visit and we all went to the woods together, lots of fun!

We hope you all have a lovely holiday 😊


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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